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Valle Crucis has a romantic history

Before the white man came to America the region was Cherokee Indian tribal land.

Mountain cabin for rent near Valle Crucis, NCThe first recorded land sale was in 1680 - 320 acres in Valle Crucis for three pounds ten shillings and sixpence. British currency was in use, since North Carolina was one of the first nine colonial states.

In those early days, North Carolina was impregnable to the west, bordered by the Great Smokey Mountains and the Blue Ridge. Daniel waterfallBoone, Davy Crockett and other mountain men forged trails through his wilderness and allowed expansion into new territories like Tennessee, which were eventually admitted as another of the “United States.”

In the late 1800’s when a railroad came to Boone, the beautiful scenic areas became populated with holiday cabins and early health resorts, where Easterners would come to “take the airs,” hunt, walk and ride.

With the advent of the automobile and decent roads, many more people could experience the wonderful scenery, and the area boomed.

It is still booming today, but don’t be discouranged by that, there is plenty of space for solitude. And make no mistake, you can still get very lost in the mountains and woods, especially when the clouds descend into the valleys, or a sudden snow storm covers the tracks.

Our cabin is on Clark’s Creek, one of the three creeks which form the Valley of the Cross.